Advantages in making a Will:

Making a Will is very essential. If the Will is not made, it will be inherited by your legal heirs in accordance with the laws of inheritance applicable to you. Most of us would like to dispose their property according to their own wishes. Some distinct advantages of making a Will are:

1. When a person dies without making Will, there will be confusion among family members and relatives whether the deceased made a Will before his death. If so available, whether it is the last Will of the testator.

2. A Will is an extremely personal document. Your opinions, views, feelings are indicated in this document. It is thus far better to make a personalized Will rather than let the impersonal rules of inheritance take effect.

3. You can appoint a testamentary guardian for your infant children. i.e.In the case of nonsurvival of both the parents, the law attaches great importance to the Will of a parent in deciding whom to appoint as a guardian. But before making guardian for your infant it is better to discuss with the proposed guardian whether he/she is willing to take on this important responsibility.

4. Suppose, consider a person has two sons of which one is handicapped. Now the law treats both the sons as equal. By means of Will you have the choice of making a greater portion to the handicapped son.

5. By means of Will, you can make some provision for a faithful servant, a close friend of yours and so on. In the absence of Will, the law won't consider these people eventhough they deserve.

6. If you have not made a Will, a son who has been turned out of house for disobedience, fraud, violence etc. may turn up after your death to claim his share of your property according to the laws of inheritance. Similarly, a deceased testator's wife who was living in adultery with another person, but was not formally divorced, may demand her share as per inheritance laws.

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