To ensure that you get the best out of your policy, the following guidelines will be very useful:

  • Keep the policy bond safe. It will be required at the time of maturity or Survival Benefit. You will also require it if you are availing a loan or want to assign your policy.
  • Inform your spouse / Parents / Children as to where the policy is kept.
  • When you shift residence, please inform the new address to the insurance office. Otherwise any communication sent to you, like premium notices, discharge vouchers, etc., will get delayed in reaching you.
  • Ensure that the nominees name are correctly incorporated in the policy bond.
  • Remember to pay your premium in time, even if notices do not reach you. There may be a postal delay. The months in which premium are due are given in the policy bond.
  • You may pay the premium by Cheque, DD or Money Order. Remember to quote the policy number everytime in your correspondence. The policy number is consisting of nine digits and can  be found at the top left hand corner of the policy bond.
  • Check your policy bond and see if your date of birth is correctly given therein.
  • In case you are handing over the policy bond to any person or office, including the LIC office please take a written acknowledgement.
  • When your Survival Benefits (For Money back policies) or maturity benefits are due, they will send intimations to your three months in advance. If such intimations have not come to your even within one month of the due date kindly inform them so that they may take necessary action.
  • When in doubt call your agent or the Branch from where you took the policy.

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